Manual unload Centrifuge type TORNADO CT6 iCLEAN for the purification and recycling of 100 per cent of coolants from glass and stone grinding by removal of solid particles contained in the fluid to purify. The dirty fluid is injected into the rotor bowls of the centrifuge by means of a pump. Here the “G force” pushes the suspended particles, contained in the fluid with different density, onto the bowl wall, allowing the purified fluid to flow out. At present time, an acoustic alarm warns the operator to carry out the manual unload of sediment particles. He has to arrest the centrifuge by push the stop button, when the safety lock is released, lift centrifuge cover up, remove the sludge holder, replace it after been clean, lower the cover and run cycle again, by push the start button. The floor space require for this system is less than sm 1.

L50 x W90 x H45 cm
0,2 T
2,5 Kw
6 m³/h
5 µm