Maxi System

Solid liquid compact separation System for recycling of 100 per cent of glass and stone grinding refrigerant fluids. The system is composed of one or more automatic unload centrifuge model TORNADO T300 A and two or more hydro cyclone tank. From the cone of the cyclone, the dirty fluid is injected into the rotor bowl of the centrifuge by means of a pump. Here, the “G Force” push the suspended particles contained in the fluid with different density, onto the bowl wall, allowing the purified fluid to flow out. Part of the separated fluid in the first cyclone fall into the further one for a second process and from here, purified, will be sent to the operating machines. At pre set time, from the “display in the PLC” the centrifuge goes into arrest for unload the accumulated sludge’s. Finished to unload, a new collecting cycle will start again. This centrifuge is endowed with function of start and arrest in remote. The system is composed of powder painted iron frame structure that includes all the components and one or more centrifuge type T300 A HD automatic unloading. The space required for these systems is from sm 12 to sm 30.

10/30 m²
3,0/4,0 T
11 Kw
5 µm