KG 2-2

The “microfilter”, is a catalytic filter in continuous process, alternate, based on the concept of multiple filtration of the fluid, up to the total clearing of the fluids. In the various steps of the filter pack, the filter accumulate the solid particles in suspension which pollute the fluid. Thanks to more steps you get a thickening of the filter pack, which creates a reduction of the interstices of passage, coming also to retain the colloidal particles. With increasing of clogging, the operating pressure will increase, and reached the threshold of safeties will give an alarm. It will be discretion of the operator to start manually the backwash, or let the filter reaches a second threshold to go into automatic backwash. After the backwash which has a duration of a couple of minutes, the filter will start again a new filtration cycle. The filter, in accordance with the needs of the client, will execute normally only an automatic backwash at the end of working shift operated by the PLC. The filter can be started remotely to pre set time and turn off the same way.

L100/200 x W350/500 x H180/300 cm
1,0/4,0 T
4,5/12,5 Kw
1/15 m³/h
0 µm