Clean CNC

The system CLEAN_CNC is composed by two cisterns, one PVC tank above which is placed a centrifuge model CT6M, and by a headboard where are installed: the electric panel, the micro-filter, the two processing pumps and the eleven valves. On the top of the tank is mounted a centrifuge type T6M that is supplied with a submersible pump, placed on a pit below the CNC. From the centrifuge, the treated water (5 µ) falls into the underlying tank. From here, a part of water is pumped, by the CNC pump, to the edger for the peripheral cooling, and one part, thanks to a submersible pump is loaded on cistern 1, which, reached the level, will process the liquid through the micro filter until the achievement of purification (0 µ).

At this point, the microfiltered water will be sent to the pump of CNC to cool the spindle, meanwhile the cistern 2 will be filled with water of first filtration, which will be processed into the microfilter until the consumption of cistern 1. The filtration process by centrifuge works continuously, instead the microfioltration works alternating between cistern 1 and 2.

At the end of operation, by pushing the button "stop", it will start automatically the back wash of microfilter and one time finished, the system will stops. Every morning, at the start of machine, it always will be a cistern of microfiltered water ready to use.

L370 x W180 x H250 cm
0,4 T
6 Kw
6 m³/h
0-5 µm